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Understanding the Different Types of Bathroom Vanities

If you go through our categories, you will find terms such as free-standing bathroom vanities, floating, or wall-mount. What are they? Before we delve into discussing them and others, it is important to note that choosing vanities is not a matter of pick and go. As you may have noticed, issues such as cost, size, style, and space are some of the prime concerns. That’s why when you click through our selections you will find featured bath vanities by style, type, and brand. This article will be discussing the types of bathroom vanities you can select for your area. Is there a difference, or benefit to choosing one type over the other? Let’s find out:

Free standing Bathroom Vanity

This term is simple in meaning just as it sounds. It derives its name from stand-alone furniture with sink/s and mirrors on the wall. It can be designed in various shapes the popular one being a rectangle.

Free standing bathroom vanities can feature either custom traditional or modern sleek designs. It offers enough storage and is easy to install whether as a new fixture or remodel. Do check out our categories for traditional or modern free-standing vanities available in different sizes to suit your area.

Floating/Hanging Bath Vanities

This respective bathroom vanity is fixed/mounted on the wall thus mimicking hanging or floating furniture. It entails modern sleek designs that appeal to people with limited spaces. It can help you get the best out of your little space by minimizing clattering. Furthermore, it can also be built to accommodate different heights for various users including children and people living with disabilities.

One thing to be keen on when it comes to floating vanities is that it needs professional assistance to be mounted on the wall. It should be fixed in a way that it doesn’t fall and damage the area. 

Single Sink Vanities

Single sink vanities are not that complicated. They are popular for utilitarian purposes in small bathroom spaces. Single sink vanities may include plenty of storage space and can be free-standing or floating. Additionally, they can be designed in different styles including traditional, transitional or modern. Our categories include a 60-inch modern bathroom vanity single sink with awesome sleek details to fit your modern themed bathroom.

Double Sink Vanities

These types of vanities are preferred in master bathrooms or in ones that are used by more than one person. They are convenient for use since two people can use them at the same time. Similarly, it guarantees individual orderliness for people sharing the same bathroom.

Understanding the above choices can make your selections much simpler. We encourage you to look into our traditional and modern free-standing bathroom vanities that can work for your space.